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Once Is Simply Not Enough.

It will captivate you, take you on a spiritual inner journey of enlightenment, happiness, peace and leave you with a thirst for more. 

Nepal has stolen many hearts! Its people, culture, architecture and stunning mountains are something that when you leave, you will smile and know you connected with something very rare, very unique and very special. . 

No more words need be spoken, simply visit, explore and embrace.​

Nepal, A Spiritual Wonder.

Tips And Advice


You can easily process a visa on arrival in Kathmandu. There are certain Nationalities who are not able to receive a visa on arrival. Please click the link for more information. http://nepalimmigration.gov.np/ Once you arrive at the airport you will need to complete an arrival form. It's small form that requires your name - DOB, passport number etc. The visa will require a passport photo . As soon as you step into the immigration there are three machines on the left hand side. Simply place your passport over the scanner and enter all details required. This process is much easier now than having to stand there, trying to find a pen ( as there are never any) and having to complete another A4 size form for the visa. The new machines are quick and very easy to use and no passport photo is needed as the machine will take your photo once all your details have been entered. 

Then you will need to hand the form, dollars (visa fee) 25 USD for 15 days, to the guys on the small counter. They will take the fee for visa. Depending on your length of stay depends on the cost of the visa. Once the visa has been paid your given a yellow slip, one more counter and you’re done. 


As soon as your step out of the airport you're greeted with many taxi drivers eager to take you to your destination. Arriving for the first time in Kathmandu this can be slightly intimidating! The guys are eager to please. Once you've bartered a price with them a little, your then on your way. Many hotels will provide hotel airport pickup and your designated driver will be outside with your name board awaiting your arrival. The airport is very small so it's easy enough to find your driver. 



It's always nice to tip. Nepal is an extremely poor country and any tips given will be most welcomed by the Nepalese. They are extremely grateful and seeing their happiness and appreciation makes it all worthwhile. 


Nepal has what's called load shedding. The electricity in Nepal during peak season especially is very sparse. The load shedding will kick in during different hours of the day (meaning no electricity) Most hotels and guesthouses will have a backup invertor. As soon as the electricity cuts out the invertors start and this generates back up electricity. It's good to come equipped with a flash light if you’re out at night. Bring a universal plug and voltage adapter kit for your Electronics. Nepal uses 220V.

Wi-Fi is free in most places and readily available. You can also purchase SIM cards at the airport or in many shops and you can use the NCELL SIM during your stay in Nepal. 

Food and Water 

​Only drink bottled mineral water. Use bottled water for brushing teeth. This is advised. The health system in Nepal is not so hygienic, so it's important not to drink tap water and to brush teeth with bottled. If you can go veggie during your stay in Nepal this would also help!  Veggie is healthy :) If you cannot avoid meat and do happen to experience stomach cramps, Amore has a small medical box where you will find the suitable medication. If you suffer stomach pains and diarrhea its advised to take the medication as soon as possible. Please just ask Prazol and he will help. There's also a pharmacy 10 minutes walk from the guesthouse. 


It's advised not give money to beggars that you see on the streets. Even though they look desperate, your giving away of money encourages them to beg for more. Thamel is known for beggars approaching foreigners and asking for powered milk to be brought by you from the local shops. The beggars will then re sell the milk back to the shop at a lower price. Instead you can always support one of many reputable NGOs working in Nepal. 


It's highly recommended NOT to volunteer at any orphanages in Nepal. Many are corrupt and will pull foreigners in and take money. Many times the money is not spent on the children. If you wish to help the country please go through a well-established NGO. There are many in Nepal helping and doing amazing work.


Some of my Favorite restaurants nearby to Amore. 

C-Ya vegan restaurant , Opposite big mart supermarket only a 10 minutes walk from Amore. This newly opened restaurant is now my top favorite in Kathmandu. I was delighted when this tasty vegan restaurant opened just around the corer.  You will not b e disappointed! On top of the world American owned coffee shop and cafe is literally a 2 minute walk from the guesthouse. Here you will find good coffee and some tasty bites to eat. Evoke - My all time favorite food. From tasty pasta dishes to yummy hummus  with mash potato this is a place I visit every time I arrive in Kathmandu. 10 mins walk or a 3 min taxi drive away, there is also a live band playing every weekend. Tamarind - Opposite evoke restaurant. If i'm in the mood for a veg sizzler then Tamarind make the best. A cosy setting with friendly staff and a live band this place is also on the top of my list. The Summit Hotel  - This place is like my second home and a hotel iv'e been going to for many years now. The staff are like family and once you tell them your from Amore they will all look after you very well. Set among beautiful trees and nature the Summit is like a little oasis away from the craziness of Kathmandu. The food is also good and a reasonable price. Enjoy the fire pits in the winter whilst sipping some mulled wine. Places - Thamel, totally vegetarian, this cute little restaurant with on the floor cushion seating has a wide and varied menu for the veggie's out there. Really tasty food. Mediterranean  a 5 minute walk from Amore it has a varied menu and yummy food. The Third Eye  Indian restaurant located in the heart of Thamel. It's easy to find and serves the tastiest 

masala and nann breads. They now have very welcoming outdoor seating area with fairy lights and very attentive staff. My favorite Indian food in Kathmandu. Kathmandu Guesthouse  Thamel. A few minutes walk from the center of Thamel the guesthouse is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the shops. A great menu, lovely gardens and good food. Grill Me 2 minutes from Amore, grill me is located on the first floor. It has a small outdoor roof top seating area and inside the restaurant there is a small shop selling beautiful handmade bedding and cushion covers (Cotton Mill) The menu is not so large, but the food is good. They do some tasty fries! Thakkhola Thakali traditional Nepali cuisine, a few minutes from Amore. Very reasonably priced and lovely food. The Old House This place is 5*cuisine and totally divine and probably my second most favorite places to eat in Nepal. Located in Kings way. Mezze located in Durbar Marg, they serve really yummy filled potato skins. Set on a roof top terrace overlooking the Royal Palace museum. Mezze is fab and a chilled place to eat. Menu is varied and the garlic bread and salads are good too. 

Things To Do 


Kathmandu, Nepal's capital is a vibrant, noisy city. Packed full of history, palaces and temples, it is also within touching distance of Nepal's premier attraction, the Himalayas. Kathmandu is home to gems such as Durbar Square (with temples dating back to the 12th century) Boudhanath Stupa (a world heritage site), the Pashupatinath Temple (the country's most important Hindu temple, on the banks of the Bagmati river) and the Royal Palace (the site of the infamous 2001 massacre of the Royal Family by the then Crown Prince, and now converted into the Narayanhiti Palace Museum).

Kathmandu is also the gateway to the rest of Nepal—in particular the tranquil Bhaktapur, the temple-tastic Patan, the Chitwan National Park, and, of course, the Himalaya (half of the world's 8000-meter peaks are found in Nepal).

The mountains hold a magnetic attraction for many who visit Nepal. The trek to Everest base camp, a two-week trip starting with a flight to Lukla airport, whilst the stunningly beautiful Annapurna base camp can be achieved by a 7-10 day trek from Pokhara.


Pokhara is part of once vibrant route extending between India and Tibet. This is the land of the Magars and Gurungs, hardworking farmers and valorous warriors who have earned worldwide fame as Gurkha soldiers. 

Clearly the most stunning of Pokharas sights is the spectacular panorama of the Annapurna I to IV Annapurna South. 

Phewa Lake, the second largest lake in the Mountain Kingdom roughly measuring 1.5 by 4km, is the center of attractions in Pokhara. It is the largest and most enchanting of the three lakes that add to the resplendence of Pokhara. Here, one can sail or row a hired boat across to the water or visit the Island temple in its middle. The eastern shore, popularly known as Lakeside or Baidam, is the favorite home bade for travelers is where most of the hotels, restaurants and handicraft shops are located.


Chitwan known for it's adventures! Encounter the scores of wild animals including rare one-horned rhinos and to elusive Royal Bengal Tigers as well as hundreds of species of birds and number of reptiles. The experienced Mahouts take you deep into the forest to ensure more sights of animals at closest possible distance to make your trips more enjoyable and meaningful. Through the open jeeps, visitors can catch glimpses of rare wild flora and fauna in their natural habitats. Another thrilling experience for you in Chitwan will be the bathing and swimming with Elephants in Rapti River. Chitwan is a 5 hour bus ride away from Kathmandu or a 40 minute flight. 


A perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu. Only a forty minute drive into the mountains you can escape the hectic valley and replace with stunning Himalayan views, and what a better way than on a motorbike. Motorbike/scooter hire in Nepal is extremely cheap and gives the opportunity to explore even more, 

Nagarkot commands one of the broadest views of the Himalayas in the Kathmandu valley (8 Himalayan ranges of Nepal out of 13 from here). The ranges include Annapurna range, Manaslu range, Ganesh himal range, Langtang range, Jugal range, Rolwaling range, Mahalangur range (Everest range) and Numbur range with views of the Kathmandu valley and Shivapuri National Park.

Situated in a strategic location, Nagarkot was an ancient fort of the Kathmandu valley built to monitor the external activities of other kingdoms. Later, it became a summer retreat for the royal family before becoming popular as an international hill station.


Although the devastating 2015 earthquake sadly destroyed some beautiful temples in Bhaktapur. Hard work has and is still ongoing to rebuild the temples back to their original state. 

Bhaktapur is known as the 'City of Devotees', the 'City of Culture', the 'Living Heritage', and 'Nepal's Cultural Gem'. It is one of the 3 royal cities in the Kathmandu Valley. The others are Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

Bhaktapur is filled with monuments, most terracotta with carved wood columns, palaces and temples with elaborate carvings, gilded roofs, and open courtyards. The city is dotted with pagodas and religious shrines. Lying along the ancient trade route between India and Tibet, Bhaktapur is surrounded by mountains and provides a magnificent view of the Himalayas.

Spiritual Retreats 

For those wishing to embrace the spiritual side that Nepal has to offer below are a few links where you can enjoy anything from meditation, yoga and detox.

Shivapuri Heights Cottages 

www.shivapuricottage.com Perfect for a night out of the Kathmandu valley. Plunge pool and amazing views. British Owned

Kopan Monastery - Kathmandu www.kopanmonastery.com/courses retreats/retreats

Yoga & Meditation Retreats - Pokhara www.sadhana-asanga-yoga.com

Yoga Retreat - Kathmandu www.yogaretreatnepal.com

Yoga - Kathmandu www.yoganepal.com