Meditation Evenings 

Meditation And Yoga

Upcoming meditation nights will be held at the guesthouse. Weekly groups can come together to switch off from their busy minds, relax and find a higher state of awareness. 

Depending on the weather, the roof top is also an ideal place for the group meditation evenings. 


For those living in Nepal and wishing to participate please stay tuned for more details.


RETREAT - May 23rd 2018

Spiritual Retreat with Melany Oliver

Energy healing 

Opening your heart chakra


Yoga and meditation 

Trip to Nargakot

Spiritual awakening 

And much much more

Please contact Amore for all the retreat information. 


January 23rd - 28th 2019


Spiritual Development Retreat with Fiona Day 

A psychic development course for those who are eager to tune into their own unique abilities. The 5 days all inclusive retreat will be held at the Amore Guesthouse. 

Daily morning rooftop yoga 

Singing bowl group session. Inner healing

Psychic development

Mediumship development 

Workshop on soul mates and Twin Flames


A day trip to Nargakot

Mini individual readings from Fiona Day 

For more bookings please email for more details.