My name is Fiona Day and I first arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal, November 2011. 

​The small and bumpy run down taxi pulled up outside the Newari guesthouse in Patan, Durbar square and I was instantly greeted with ''Namaste'' It was at the moment I felt I had come’ ‘Home''. I unloaded my bag and I wondered the streets, alone and in search of a restaurant where I could grab some food. It was dark, the load shedding meant the streets were totally without power and there was no electricity. Yet I felt safe, I felt happy and I felt at home. 

​Years later and I have lost count of how many times I have touched down on Nepalese soil. I'm now on my fifth house rental and ''Finally'' I can proudly say the opening of my first business, my guesthouse. 


Over the years my heart has been touched deeply by the children I have met, the poverty I have witnessed and the stories I've heard. Yet, the determination, courage and strength off the Nepalese people has inspired and motivated me even more to make a difference. 

​I've always had a vision, my vision was simple, to help, to help the children and to help Nepal. Over the years I have worked alongside numerous organizations. From supporting (Anti child trafficking) Circus Kathmandu and Freedom Matters, supporting children in schools and years of collecting clothing for those in need. My journey has been one of Love, of sadness, happiness and of inner transformation. I've been privileged to of made amazing friends, learned a little of the language and even endured a 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

My dream for the very near future ​​is that the I can finally open my Amore Vegan Lounge restaurant in Kathmandu. Healthy, guilt free and wholesome food. ''For the LOVE of the animals''

Wishing you a comfortable, peaceful and life changing stay in Nepal! 

Dhanyabaad (Thank you) 

Fiona Day 



February 2017

Dubai British School has teamed up with the Tika school in Sanepa, Kathmandu. We now have a new pen pal friends program! So far, around 40 children from each school have written letters to one another and are now becoming life long friends. Photos, art and videos are being exchanged between the children. The students will write letters monthly and hopefully in the very near future (October 2017) the students from Dubai will be able to visit their new friends in Nepal.

March 2017

Volunteers are heading out to Nepal to provide two schools with stationary supplies. Many schools in Nepal are extremely poor. By giving necessities like pens and pencils cases this can make a huge difference to a child's schooling. 400 pencils cases are being provided to an underprivileged school in Nargakot, and the Tika school in Kathmandu. Tika school will also be provided a computer from donations in Dubai. This is an on-going project to help schools in Nepal. Amore will provided monthly updates. 

April 2017

Laptops arrived in Melamchi, Nepal. Kindly donated from Dubai residents. The East point Academy students were excited and super happy to receive five laptops. The school, which was badly affected from the 2015 earthquake is still currently being rebuilt by the charity 'Acts of Kindness Collective' Justin Cava Jones personally hand delivered all laptops to the school. ''Thanks Justin''

March 2018         

''The wheel of love'' is about supporting as many children as we can through education.

Amore has now teamed up with the Mary Wards School in Kathmandu. Our purpose is to help and support as many children as we can through their entire education. Many families in Nepal are extremely poor and simply cannot afford to send their children to school. For as little as only 100 USD per year a child at Mary Wards School can be educated. Amore is supporting Karina and Silpa and we will fund their entire education. The girls were told they can no longer attend school as their families have financial struggles. They both cried when they were told their education would come to an end. Amore is delighted to be able to give these girls a new start so they can further themselves through education and follow their dreams. 

Our aim soon is to team up with remote schools in the villages of Nepal where we can help even more. The further up you travel in Nepal, the poorer the families are. If WE can all try and support MANY more children will be able to attend school. The wheel of love is on a mission! 

East Point Acadamey School, Melamchi, Nepal